Penny for thoughts ? Nah ! You would have to empty your wallets then.

There are two things that intrigued me from my Childhood. Computer and books. I chose Computer science stream, decided to pursue in it and explore the computer world. There is an alternate world where my imagination knew no bounds. Reading and writing. I would blame my English Teachers for it. The enunciation, the story and the poem everything took me to another world. The passion in me ignited because of the words.

Words give me different kind of high. I always read in between the lines and may be that’s why I have the profound love for words.Whenever I read a book, I put myself in the shoes of my favorite character, not necessarily the protagonist. After finishing a book, I close it. Revel in it for a while.

And eventually, the want to write seeded in me. So an attempt to express the thoughts in my life. This world knows me more than any one. Because something as raw as WORDS, cannot  deceive anyone. This is my alternate world where I want to escape the reality.

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